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The Cobscook Community Learning Center (CCLC) began in 1999 when a group of people in easternmost Maine joined together to find ways of improving life in this region. Together, they envisioned a hub of educational opportunity. The CCLC is that hub. Its mission is to create educational opportunities that strengthen personal, community, and global well-being.

The CCLC is about community wellness. And that means artistic, physical, economic, and educational wellness. It operates with the values of love, respect, humor, and creative bold adventure. Designed as a tool for social change, the center responds to community needs.

No matter what people come here to do-take yoga, pick up new computer skills, plant a garden, get a high school diploma, start a business, or learn to play piano-they do it all regardless of their ability to pay, and they do it in the context of an enriching, supportive community.

Stop by anytime. The coffee is on.

The CCLC's News

The Magical World of Qigong, Tuesday mornings

Tuesday mornings from 10-11 am, starting Nov 10th

Enjoy the Late Autumn Season by OPENING THE DOOR TO THE MAGICAL WORLD OF QIGONG, Chinese energy cultivation Led by Nancy Herzberg, visiting teacher from coastal Oregon (

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4-H Super Sitter Babysitting Course

Saturday, December 5th, 9:00am-3:00pm

Do you already help take care of your younger siblings, or neighbors? Do you want to learn more about being an awesome babysitter, and learn important safety information too? This class is for you!...

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Pottery Intensive with Tim Christensen

Tuesday - Sunday, February 16 - 21

Spend five days with potter and sgraffito artist Tim Christensen. The workshop will cover basic techniques, wedging and centering, then move on to collaring and forming, enclosed forms and alternative...

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Sacred Harp Singing

First Saturday, Every Month,2-4:00PM, Potluck Supper to Follow

Sacred Harp, or shape-note singing, is a form of a cappella sacred music that became popular in America during the early nineteenth century. It started in New England, but it was the singings in...

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